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Friday, March 22, 2013

Kande Pohe

Ask a Maharashtrian, what he/she wants for breakfast and you will hear 'Kande Pohe'. It is made with beaten / flattened rice stir fried with curry leaves, green chillies, few spices and onions, hence the name - 'Kande' which means onions and 'pohe' which means beaten rice. Be it a quick snack for surprise guests or a weekend leisure breakfast - 'Kande Pohe' is the word. Well, in fact sometimes me and my hubby love to have this for a lazy sunday brunch along with a cup of tea and we are off to venture out.
Along with the basic ingredients, you can add green peas, potato slices, peanuts etc.

Kande Pohe
Kande Pohe

Kande Pohe - Recipe
Thick Beaten (Flattened) Rice / Jade Pohe - 2 cups
Onions - 1 cup chopped
Green Peas - 1/2 cup (optional)
Potato - 1 medium sized (optional)
Peanuts - 1-2 tablespoons (optional)
Green Chillies - 2-3 chopped
Curry leaves - 5-6 
Mustard seeds - 1 teaspoon
Cumin seeds - 1 teaspoon
Turmeric powder - 1 teaspoon
Asafoetida powder - 1/4 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Sugar - 2-3 teaspoons
Oil - 1-2 tablespoons
Coriander leaves - few sprigs
Lemon  - 1
Fresh grated coconut - 1 -2 teaspoons (optional)

Kande Pohe
Kande Pohe
1. Wash pohe and drain all the water. Keep aside for 10-12 minutes. The pohe must become soft yet firm.
2. Meanwhile, finely chop 1 medium sized onion. If you are using potatoes, peel 1 medium sized one and make small slices. If using green peas, soak 1/2 a cup in hot salted water and then drain.
3. Heat oil in a pan / Kadhai, temper with mustard seeds, cumin seeds and asafoetida powder.
4. Add curry leaves, green chillies, turmeric powder and onions and saute' until the onions are lightly browned.
5. Add the optional ingredients like green peas, potatoes, peanuts at this point. Mix well and make sure the potatoes and green peas are cooked well.
6. Add salt and sugar and mix well.
7. Add the pohe / beaten rice and mix well. Cover the pan for 5-7 minutes on a low heat. Keep stirring to make sure that the pohe don't stick to the pan.
8. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves, fresh grated coconut and a small slice of lemon.
Enjoy with a cup of tea.

Kande Pohe
Kande Pohe


  1. nice clicks dear.. simple snack to munch..

  2. Never get bored of this authentic dish,one of my fav..

  3. Simple and delicious breakfast.. Looks inviting!

  4. The best comfort food!!! Yummy it looks... On ur blog for the 1st time! Happy to connect...

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  5. The addition of coconut looks really fresh. Never tried it though


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