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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mango Mastani (Mango Milkshake with Mango Ice cream)

I stayed in Pune for about 6 years, before I got married. Nevertheless I have always been fascinated by Puneri food, jargon, people and everything else. No offense to anything or anyone, but people who have stayed in or visited Pune will know what I am talking about.
When I first stepped in this wonderland, I would learn a new word everyday...SPDP, Mango Mastani, awaraa, maaz, chowpaty etc... I used to wonder, 'where the heck is chowpaty in Pune?' and 'why is mango milkshake called mango mastani?' and SPDP just means 'Shev Potato Dahi Puri'.
And slowly but surely I fell in love with Pune, just like everybody else does. I have been living elsewhere since 8 years now and I miss my Pune so much. I miss the food, the people, all that jargon, and of course the Mango Mastani .
So here it is..
Mango Mastani (Mango Milkshake with Mango Ice cream)
Mango Mastani (Mango Milkshake with Mango Ice cream)
Mango Mastani - Recipe
1. Blend a Mango, preferably alphonso with about 3 glasses of milk and 3-4 teaspoons of sugar.
2. Chill and serve with 2 scoops of mango ice cream on top
3. Garnish with chopped pistachios.
And you have yummy Mango mastani ready.


  1. Simple yet delicious.
    Lovely presentation.
    Thanks for linking it to the event.
    Divya's Culinary Journey
    Showcase- FUN IN THE SUN

  2. All your recipes look amazing ! thanks for the lovely blog ;-)
    I don't know if you've visited my new vegetarian food blog (cooking and baking) but if you haven't - I'd like to invite you (you can enjoy it even if you're not vegetarian).
    Feel free to stop by, say hello and follow the blog so that you'll be getting daily updates (-:


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